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About Us

Public Speaking is that one essential skill that nearly all have some compound of fears over.
Our mission is to have you and your colleagues’ view your FEARS two ways.
FEARS = Fright Escaping Achievement & the Rewards of Success.
FEARS = Fright Embracing Achievement & the Rewards of Success.

Our Services



Speeches are written for you, our valued client in a specific group of areas:

  • Management and Corporate
  • Technical and Related Presentations
  • Media Presentations

As with all Messages needing promotion. The need make yours memorable, more meaningful, purposeful and, readily understood, by the audience you are addressing. This is where our services have you “give light to your voice.”


Speaker Development

Great, so you want to stand out in the crowd. That crowd your peers,
your colleagues and yes, your superiors. Yes you want this essential not only for this but additionally another multitude of constructive motives for your future happiness.



Presentation Skills

The use of Graphics to both promote and make a message, more meaningful, purposeful and, readily understood. This has two key elements: –

You as the speaker and where you fit into the presentation at hand.

Exactly what the Graphic you are using is.


Contract Speaker

Should it be requested I will if possible become a “Contracted Speaker” or on behalf of the organisation you represent.

Other Services

Time management
Negotiation Strategy and Tactics
Meeting Management Planning and Protocols
Topics and ideas under research

Social Media


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